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SDLA Mission Statement

The San Diego Lifesaving Association (SDLA) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to enhancing water safety and recognizing excellence in the profession of lifesaving through sponsored competitions, issuing awards, public safety education, and charitable support of volunteer lifesaving saving groups.

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The password protected pages of this website are restricted use for current SDLA members. Membership is available to current San Diego Fire-Rescue/Lifeguard employees and alumni. All registrants must be qualified; please use your full name when attempting to register along with your personal email address.

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Message from your President

Welcome San Diego Lifeguards!

Welcome to the SDLA website; a perpetual work in progress.  The purpose of the site is to serve as a conduit of information from your officers, and used a resource for members to share information.  We ask that all members first visit the ?Members? page and register as a user. This will ensure that you receive information on current happenings, pro-deal updates, and any other current SDLA related information. This website is for member usage; however is a public site, so please keep that in mind when posting pictures and content. Thank you for your continued support of the San Diego Lifeguard Association!


Gavin McBride

SDLA President

SDLA History

The United States Lifesaving Association was born in 1964 in Southern California.  Representatives of the San Diego Lifeguard Service were involved in this birth and San Diego had a chapter from its inception. This organization was operated as a non-profit, although neither incorporated, nor formally recognized as a non-profit by the Internal Revenue Service.  It was not till July 28 1986, that the IRS granted non-profit recognition to the San Diego Lifesaving Association.  This recognition continues to the present day.  Many years later the SDLA modified it bylaws to become a “true member organization”, operated in a manner consistent with USLA bylaws, with most members being current employees of the San Diego Lifeguard Service.  Thus, the lifeguards who choose to be members would have a member organization to which directors and officers are elected in a democratic fashion.

The SDLA went through a period of member disinterest and dormancy, albeit the directors were able to keep its books and accounts up to date and in good standing. 

Currently the SDLA has undergone a facelift and a rejuvenation of membership within the San Diego Lifeguard Service.  The SDLA’s standing with the USLA and the CSLSA as a San Diego Chapter is excellent.  All accounts and book work have been in good standing and under the direction of new officers since late in 2007. 

The San Diego Lifesaving Association is growing in membership, community support, and volunteer programs every day.

We want to thank you for your support over the years!!


Association Objecftives

Ø  To provide beach and water related public safety education to the general public through presentations to school children and adults, public service advertising, written material and in other ways as may be deemed appropriate. 

Ø  To enhance the education of lifeguards, marine safety officers and other public safety personnel in beach and water safety through training seminars, training materials and in other ways as may be deemed appropriate.

Ø  To encourage professional lifesavers to learn and improve their skills by providing scholarships, issuing awards, sponsoring competitions, and generally promoting excellence.

Ø  To support and encourage general efforts or individual acts of members of the public which are intended to result in or which result in improvements in public safety, particularly as it relates to the coastal or aquatic environment.

Ø  To provide charitable support to volunteer lifesaving groups within and outside the State of California.

Ø  To support programs intended to promote public safety in the coastal or aquatic environment.

Ø  To support activities of the United States Lifesaving Association.



Contact Information

San Diego Lifesaving Association
PO Box 99025
San Diego, CA 92169


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Qualified members can register by completing the following form;, and mailing a check to the address listed above, or pay for your membership on our Web Store. For electronic renewal, scan and email your completed membership renewal form to